‘The Nut’ – Stanley

You can spot the town of Stanley for kms away with the imposing flat topped volcanic plug called ‘The Nut’ which sits on the end of the peninsular in Tasmania’s north west.

The township was built around this feature, protecting it from weathers of Bass Straight.

P1900933 P1900971

P1900946 P1900942

Wander around the township and fabulous shops.  Eat some of the famous local fish and chips, visit Highfield Historic convict site AND climb the 150mts Nut!

P1900955   P1900951

It is a short steep ‘walk’ to the top, or you can take the chair lift. umm my clalf muscles felt a little ‘tight’ by the time I got back to the bottom!  Short and steep!!!

The views from the top are stunning!!!

P1910009 P1900980

P1900974 P1900990

P1900983 P1910013

The showground was closed due to it being the Base Camp for the hundreds of firemen, so we were allowed to ‘camp’ by the beach during this time!!! Wish upon a rainbow.


P1910019 P1910028



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