Trial Harbour, Tasmania – Remote – Wild – Colourful

You have to travel about 16kms on an unsealed road from Zeehan to reach Trial Harbour, and it was well worth it!

This now small beach hamlet sits at the northern end of Ocean Beach and bordering Mount Heemskrik Regional Reserve and the Indian Ocean.  During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s it was an small anchorage for the mining communities of Zeehan and Queenstown. Exposed to the wild Roaring Forties, it was a dangerous harbour and not used much after the establishment of Strahan.

It’s a little isolated, with no electricity or main water. Yet some love it and made it their home. Had to laugh at the ‘Walrus’ painted on the rocks in the hills!!!

P1900085 P1900090-001

P1900127 P1900129

I was here on a good sunny day and you could see the wildness in the waves, imagine what it would look like in winter on a windy day!  That I would love to experience.

P1900097 P1900094-001

Take a walk over the rocks and see the glorious colours and formations.

P1900100 P1900111-001 P1900114 P1900104-001



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