Rocky Point Tavern, Fred and Betty Boop!

Being on the road for so long you dream of a decent shower with good water pressure.  Not just a wash or a quick cold shower, one that you can stand under, letting the HOT water flow over your body and through your hair.

Dirty clothes begin to pile up and you are scavenging all nooks of your van to find something clean or relatively clean to wear.

It’s time to stay somewhere for a few days and attend to the ‘housework’ and Rocky Point Tavern ticked all the boxes!!!

Two days later, everything was clean (including myself) so I treated myself to a meal and glass of wine in the Tavern and who should I meet!!

Tasmania is a relatively small state and you ‘bump’ into people often. Fred from Caravan and Motorhomes on Tour (who I met on the Arthur River Cruise) was creating another video.

P1910454 P1910450

The couple from Western Australia I had met a week earlier was there also in their ‘Airstream’ bus from the  USA. Sh invited me inside and it was all decked out with ‘Betty Boop’ prints and decorated in the 50’s style. They actually towed and 4WD to get around.  I’d hate to have the petrol bill!!!

P1910446 P1910448

P1910442Relaxing with neighbours playing good music, a another glass of wine and a beautiful sunset from the van.

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