White Breasted Sea Eagle Surprise!

One of the amazing highlights on the Arthur River Cruise  was seeing the White Breasted Sea Eagles in their natural habitat.

A pair of these incredible sea eagles have been ‘living’ in the area for decades. To our delight and amazement they came down to feed on the salmon.

THIS is when I kicked myself for NOT having my Nikon and zoom lens!!! Arghhhh So excuse the quality of the images!!!! Yet you will ‘get’ the scene.

P1910165 P1910169

Spotted sitting high up in the trees was the male and female. The male came in first to snatch the salmon, next the female. Both grabbed the salmon with one talon piercing it all the way through, then carried it away holding with both talons.

P1910182 P1910181

P1910172 P1910171

P1910173  P1910184

A little further down the river their nest was pointed out. Apparently it has been there for about 50 years! It was huge!! We could ‘just’ see them enjoying their meal. Arghhhh no zoom lens!!

P1910191 P1910193



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