Saving Bruny Island to Last – Part 1 – Rural and Beaches!

There is much to see and do on Tasmania’s Bruny Island! So I saved these posts for the last on my Tasmanian trip.

A short 30 minute drive from Hobart to Kettering, take the 30 minute ferry and you are on Bruny Island!

P1860661 P1860664 P1860676

Driving north to Dennes Point you get to see some stunning rural scenery.

P1860697 P1860687 P1860688

P1860718 P1860716

P1860710 P1860704

The Island is kind of broken up in two parts with a very narrow strip of land called The Neck, connecting the two land masses.

Walk up the 200 odd stairs to the lookout with stunning views. this is also the location to see the fairy penguins arriving at night.  there is also a monument and some interesting history of ‘Truganini’ and her sad and tragic life by the hands of the early settlers authorities.

P1860756 P1860748

P1860781 P1860785 P1860961


P1860757 P1860763

**Please be aware that flash photography and bright light can damage penguins eyes. Use a red light. Fortunately these little guys came out of their burrows before the sun set.

P1860968 P1860786






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