Saving Bruny Island to Last – Part 3 – Here comes the Rain!

You can’t always have sunny days and wet weather can produce some stunning scenery! The rain began to set in whilst driving around the bottom half of the island to Cape Bruny and the lighthouse.

P1860799 P1860802 P1860864

P1860820 P1860868

P1860811 P1860829 P1860860

Driving through South Bruny National Park was slow going on the unsealed road as the rain became heavier and harder to see.

P1860893 P1860894 P1860898 P1860899

This was a surprise! Nestled just off the road is a little piece of history…’Relics of the Past’ of the logging industry.

P1860870 P1860871 P1860879

Then the sun broke just as I drove into Adventure Bay.

P1860931 P1860941

P1860950 P1860945


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