Action Packed Four Days in the ‘Snowy’!

After the re-enactment, head to Corryong town for the Street Parade!

P1920979 P1920981 P1920999 P1920987

Then go see as many events as possible. Everyone favourites, the cattle dogs!

P1930049 P1930041 P1930052 P1930062

One of the big events is the Rodeo! These young men are brave! One that I know of was only 14 years old!

P1930348 P1930346 P1930300 P1930364

Cross country Aussie style irrelevant of age!

P1930200 P1930216 P1930218 P1930226

They start them young with the Whip Cracking events!

P1930091 P1930103 P1930122 P1930072

Another favourite is the age old tradition, bullock team, these seemingly docile animals are still used in some areas in the bush.

P1930166 P1930196

So much more, horse shoeing (won by a woman this year!), saddle packing and the fun team muster.

P1930148 P1930152

P1930155 P1930235

AND fabulous ‘Poets Corner’ Bush Poetry. Now you don’t have to be a great poet to give it a go on the open air stage.

I read one of my brother-in-laws poems and found out I was NOT a poet or narrator!  haha Yep had to buy a hat for the occasion, looking dorky – Hey I gave it a shot and can tick it off my list !!!

P1930066 fav P1930415







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