Nariel Creek Campground – Victoria – Feeds the soul!

Opting to stay at Nariel Creek Campground during the festival and some welcomed R&R was much needed as I had been travelling constantly for the past few months. There is something about nature that feeds your soul and replenishes your energy.

This gorgeous campground is large and home of the Nariel Folk Music Festival. A small donation of $5 per night!

Camping near the creek, listening to the waters bubble over the rock lulls you to sleep, surrounded by farms, cows and views to the Snowy Mountains of Corryong.

Crisp early mornings…

P1920677 P1920679

Soft, clear water to drink…

P1920530 P1920631

Views across the mountains…

P1920474 P1920708 P1930751 P1930748

Curious ‘neighbours’….little wrens dance around the campsite and and plenty of native birds…

P1930795 P1920449 P1920554 P1920621

P1930734 P1930727

Campers left behind a ‘sitting’ log!






9 thoughts on “Nariel Creek Campground – Victoria – Feeds the soul!

    1. When you are in the area do try to stop here. Fresh water from the creek, plenty of space – there were 60 odd campers over Easter and you still had plenty of space and location variety.

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