Quest for Fire!

Because of he time frame of The Man from Snowy River Festival, I missed a few things along the way. So backtracking down to the bottom end of Victoria.

Stopping off at Stacey’s Bridge for the night, I built my first fire! Yep my first. Men had never allowed me to build one in the past, as ‘they can do it’!  haha

I’ve seen them built many times so how hard should it be? Actually quite easy. Ok, I had no newspaper to start it, so I used a brochure. Nope, gloss paper does not burn well. Hmmm a few pages from my writing book did the trick and a handful of dried leaves and twigs. Gathered more firewood and viola! Fire! Not a pretty one, yet a fire that would sustain for the night.

P1920410 P1920424

Another hmmm, scrounging through the cupboards and fridge all I could come up with was ‘French Toast’ and a jaffle.  A nearby camper placed his sausages on the fire and I was satisfied!

P1920420 P1920399



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