‘The Prom’ Wilsons Prom!

Wilsons Promontory is casually known as ‘The Prom’ by locals. Situated on one of the most southern tips of Victoria, not too far from Melbourne.

Mostly know for its walking tracks and stunning coastlines. I have to admit, after being in Tasmania for two months, you get spoilt its containment with everything being just a short drive away. You drive an hour and you are ‘somewhere’.  I forgot about the mainland’s big distances between sights!  Back to reality of mainland Australia!

I’d also walked myself ‘out’ covering most of the 60 short walks and other that were not in the brochure. So I drove around instead. I think I may have missed something, yet I was tired from the constant travelling and excitement. The weather was also hit and miss during my stay.

However I thoroughly enjoyed what I saw.



One thought on “‘The Prom’ Wilsons Prom!

  1. After Tassie it sounds like you were “walked out” Lexa but scratch beyond the surface and the Prom has some amazing overnight and day walks. Love it there.


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