Australian Outback Art Images

Australian Outback Art Images

REMOTE – VAST – RAW     Three words that epitomises the Australian Outback!

Spending five months travelling through northwest Queensland and the Northern Territory – driving along remote unsealed roads (where my campervan could take me), the vibrant red dirt settled in every nook possible – even on my toothbrush!  Staying at remote cattle stations – hiking for hours through remote gorges and canyons, wading waist deep through rivers – all to witness some spectacular, iconic Outback scenes.

Yes, I got bogged a few times and had to be towed out by a few friendly travellers! Yet it was an all an unforgettable experience.

See more images from this iconic region of Australia!

See images on Pinterest      My Top 20 Outback Acrylic Prints

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12 thoughts on “Australian Outback Art Images

    1. Hi Miriam! Awww it is so great to hear from you again. How is your mum????
      Wifi reception in the outback is very iffy at best and been concentrating on collecting interviews for my next book. All done, now for the editing…! :)) Trust you are well and happy.

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      1. Oh Lexi, so much has happened, I didn’t realise it had been so long. I lost mum last August, over a year ago now. She went peacefully with all three of us there. It’s been a long journey, through the grief but I’m good now. We had six weeks in the Red Centre and only got back a couple of months ago. Your photo reminded me of it. Such a special place. Congrats on your book, I’d love to check it out once it’s all done. Are you still in the outback now?

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      2. Six weeks in the Red Centre! It is incredible, difficult to describe or fully understand to someone who has not been there. Hey did you go to Ormiston Gorge? Ahhhhh one of my favourite places, the Pound Walk took me 6 hours!!! hahaha What was you favourite place?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yes, we did go to Ormiston Gotge, I absolutely loved it there. Favorite place? That’s a hard one as I loved it all. The Kings Canyon Rim walk was magnificent but probably in terms of camping and walking I’d say Trephina Gorge in the East Macdonnell Ranges.

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