Kakadu National Park Australia

Kakadu National Park Images

A Timeless Wilderness – Kakadu National Park is one of only 25 World Heritage sites listed for both cultural and natural values to humanity. *Australia has four in this category. 

Breathtaking vistas over the flood plains from Ubirr – 50,000yr old Ancient Rock Art – Yellow Water Billabong – BIG Crocodiles – Infinity Rock Pools of Gumlon – Jim Jim Falls – incredible Rockscapes – Kakadu is raw and untouched! Take you time to ‘experience’ this natural, timeless place – filled with diversity.  Don’t rush through the park – sit and take it all in – talk to locals and rangers – learn.  Kakadu is a sacred place!

*This is a raw, untouched wilderness with no cushy frills – yet expect to be in total awe of nature’s harsh and at times dangerous beauty!  Yes, those crocs are lethal and fascinating!

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Kakadu National Park Images

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