Central Australia

Central Australia Images

VIBRANT AND REMOTE     Central Australia also known as The Red Centre

It’s a long way to reach Central Australia. 1,500kms south of Darwin – 1,600kms north of Adelaide – 3,000kms east of Brisbane – 3,600kms west of Perth.

Hundreds of kms between towns. The roads are long and somewhat vacant. Only occasionally seeing another vehicle, once in a while you pass a lone cyclist and those odd moments when you see someone walking, pushing a cart. There is a great allure to travel to Central Australia and a very personal journey for each traveller. Far from cities, people, noise, pollution. It’s quiet, you can hear your own breathing – you are alone.

It seems like a whole lot of nothing with rich red soil and  pockets of unbelievable vivid scenery.  The most obvious – Uluru – that big red rock in the middle of seemingly nowhere.  60kms away is the majestic Kata Tjuta domes. 300kms away lies King Canyon. The East and West Macdonnell Ranges near Alice Springs contains many pristine gorges.

Oh why is the soil and rocks so red? From the oxidised high iron content in the rocks gives the landscape that distinct vibrant red colour.

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2 thoughts on “Central Australia

  1. Being such an iconic site and seeing thousands of images – I was very hesitant to visit Uluru from a fear of being disappointed in some way. Totally wrong! Uluru has many dimensions to be mesmerised by this incredible monolith. Still bizarre to see a huge ‘rock’ standing in the middle of nowhere. It’s history is rich in many ways. Thanks for the visit Miriam! :))


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