Aussie Tree Bark


Australian Tree Bark Series Images by Lexa Harpell.

A close up look at some of the unique Aussie Tree Bark – colours, textures, patterns.


The uniqueness of Australian native plants comes from its isolated geography dating back 50 million years ago – after separating from Gondwana.

Around 800 native Gum Trees (eucalypts) have been identified from over the 24,000 native Australian plant species.

Over time, many have adapted to the harsh fires and dry arid conditions in a large percentage of Australia.
Some common types of bark include:
Stringybark – large ‘spongy strings’ of bark peel off the trunk.
Ironbark – impregnated with Kino (sap) produces rich deep red to black colours. Rough and deeply furrowed.
Box – Short box like fibres of bark.
Tessellated – distinctive flakes that can be broken off.
Ribbon – peels off in long, thin pieces.
Types of gum trees include:
Rainbow – Ghost – Scribbly – Blue – the long list goes on.

Enjoy the uniqueness of these barks nature has to offer and have a close up look at the beauty of bark in your part of the world.

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Tree Bark Art Images

Tree Bark Close Ups Art Images



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