Iconic Aussie Corrugated Iron

Aussie Corrugated Galvanised Iron Series by Lexa Harpell.

A close up collection of the great Aussie icon – ‘gal iron’. Shapes, colours and its spectacular corroding colours and textures – found mainly in rural New South Wales, Australia on my travels.COLLAGES IRON and BARK POSTERS5

Most were shot in heavy rain, enhancing the colours vibrancy.

Corrugated galvanised iron became a strong Australian cultural identity and ‘gal iron’ ‘tin roof’ an Australian vernacular from the mid 1800’s.

Widely used particularly in rural areas for water tanks, roofs and cladding.
Lightweight and strong and rolled into linear corrugation pattern increased the bending strength of the thin sheet of iron.

Galvanising inhibits the corrosion in steel. The different colours and patterns is caused when Iron is subjected to acid in the rains and temperature fluctuations.

Creating very individual patterns.


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