Luscious Lime Bay…and beyond!

This is a must if you want to unwind!!! For a change of pace…Just 4kms on an unsealed road from the Historic Coal Mines is the ‘luscious’ Lime Bay State Reserve campsite on the north west tip of the Tasman Peninsular. My two wheel drive Hi-top campervan did it easily, mind you I would not have gotten any speeding tickets! It’s flat and graded fairly … Continue reading Luscious Lime Bay…and beyond!

Port Arthur’s Historic Site

Ok, like Wineglass Bay, everyone has see plenty of pics of this amazing historic site. So I shall try not to do the usual!  haha It is one of Tasmania’s major tourist attractions with throngs of people and high expectations. I believe once you have been inundated with many images, it may not necessarily excite you – and that is what travel is about. However … Continue reading Port Arthur’s Historic Site

Convict Coal Mines – Harsh – Cruel -Historic

Just about everyone in Australia knows about the historic ‘Port Arthur Historic (convict) Site’ and a bit about its history. Yet very few know about the convict ‘Historic Coal Mines’ just 30kms away at Little Norfolk Bay. The Port Arthur Site is a BIG tourist attraction and you pay BIG money to enter and see the islands. Yet few go to the Coal Mines Site  by the … Continue reading Convict Coal Mines – Harsh – Cruel -Historic

Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Maria Island is quiet, at times you feel you are the only person on the island. Yet it has a lot to offer. The glorious Painted Cliffs – Rock Pools – Fossil Cliffs – the convict history and wildlife. One day was not quite enough! A relatively quick boat ride, then explore like crazy! I covered a lot of ground on my bicycle, so my camera had … Continue reading Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Waiting for the boat…Triabunna

Never underestimate what you can see and do in a small town. Triabunna is the gateway for passage to Maria Island (pronounced ‘Mariah’ by the locals).  ‘Bugsy’ and I pulled into the local pub – Spring Bay Hotel for the night. They ask for a gold coin donation for the local Fire Fighters to camp on their grounds! So you buy a drink, a glass of a good local … Continue reading Waiting for the boat…Triabunna

Rock Pools at low tide – Maria Island

Explore the Rock Pools surrounding the Painted Cliffs on the island. Unpolluted crystal clear waters allows a spectacular array of sea life to view at low tide. On the day, one of the staff from the island was talking and showing us what you can find in these beautiful pools that are raw and natural. Undisturbed by a horde of tourists and pollution.   Even … Continue reading Rock Pools at low tide – Maria Island

Have you liked the travel images?

Hope you have liked the images of my travels – ‘Moments in Time’. You can have a canvas – print of some of the images easily delivered to you.    Check out the site! A HUGE thanks to all who have visited my site and let me know if you want another subject for printing to hang on your wall or give as a gift – haha just in … Continue reading Have you liked the travel images?