Boat Harbour – missed the weather!

I was looking forward to visiting Boat Harbour on the north coast. I stopped in on my way to Arthur River and it was overcast and drizzling. On my way back, I stopped in again, and yep still overcast and drizzling!  Arghhh you can’t control the weather so you make the best of what is!     There is a fantastic contemporary café on the beach … Continue reading Boat Harbour – missed the weather!

Nelson Bay – Wild and Solitude

Nelson Bay was the furtherest south I could drive on Tasmania’s west coast at this time. The bushfires had come through the township, with minimal damage to the homes. I was told only two ‘out houses’ were burnt. Such a credit to the people who knew what to do and the incredible fire fighters. The beauty of the beach still preserved…. Continue reading Nelson Bay – Wild and Solitude

Back tracking up the coast to Marrawah!

When you are on the road you meet and chat to many helpful people. The beachside town of Marrawah on Tasmania’s north west coast was not on my list, yet it had been recommended by many. A large flock of birds and a rock circle. I had a ‘thing’ about the thick strong Bull Kelp which grows freely in Tasmania!       Continue reading Back tracking up the coast to Marrawah!

White Breasted Sea Eagle Surprise!

One of the amazing highlights on the Arthur River Cruise  was seeing the White Breasted Sea Eagles in their natural habitat. A pair of these incredible sea eagles have been ‘living’ in the area for decades. To our delight and amazement they came down to feed on the salmon. THIS is when I kicked myself for NOT having my Nikon and zoom lens!!! Arghhhh So excuse … Continue reading White Breasted Sea Eagle Surprise!

Arthur River through the Wilderness!

The much awaited little red boat cruise – Arthur River Cruises ! I’d heard a bit about this cruise up Arthur River and the landing in the Tarkine Wilderness. The ‘cruise’ is operated by a small team who have great passion and knowledge of the area. It was very personable, filled with many highlights. A MUST to see and experience the rawness of Tasmania’s wild west coast! By … Continue reading Arthur River through the Wilderness!

‘The Nut’ – Stanley

You can spot the town of Stanley for kms away with the imposing flat topped volcanic plug called ‘The Nut’ which sits on the end of the peninsular in Tasmania’s north west. The township was built around this feature, protecting it from weathers of Bass Straight.   Wander around the township and fabulous shops.  Eat some of the famous local fish and chips, visit Highfield … Continue reading ‘The Nut’ – Stanley