Aussie Tree Bark

UNIQUE – SURVIVORS – FASCINATING Australian Tree Bark Series Images by Lexa Harpell. A close up look at some of the unique Aussie Tree Bark – colours, textures, patterns. The uniqueness of Australian native plants comes from its isolated geography dating back 50 million years ago – after separating from Gondwana. Around 800 native Gum Trees (eucalypts) have been identified from over the 24,000 native Australian plant species. Over … Continue reading Aussie Tree Bark

Central Australia

Central Australia Images VIBRANT AND REMOTE     Central Australia also known as The Red Centre It’s a long way to reach Central Australia. 1,500kms south of Darwin – 1,600kms north of Adelaide – 3,000kms east of Brisbane – 3,600kms west of Perth. Hundreds of kms between towns. The roads are long and somewhat vacant. Only occasionally seeing another vehicle, once in a while you pass a lone cyclist and those … Continue reading Central Australia