‘The Prom’ Wilsons Prom!

Wilsons Promontory is casually known as ‘The Prom’ by locals. Situated on one of the most southern tips of Victoria, not too far from Melbourne. Mostly know for its walking tracks and stunning coastlines. I have to admit, after being in Tasmania for two months, you get spoilt its containment with everything being just a short drive away. You drive an hour and you are ‘somewhere’.  I forgot about … Continue reading ‘The Prom’ Wilsons Prom!

There’s something magical about sea ports!

Sea ports have much activity with boats, marine life, birds. Yet water scenes always soothes the soul regardless of the activity. Port Albert on the south coast of Victoria provided some stunning scenes. Arriving in time for a glorious sunset…   Watching the boats go out for a day of fishing! No fishing? Try telling the birds or a sting ray to read! Huge sting rays hovered … Continue reading There’s something magical about sea ports!

Nariel Creek Campground – Victoria – Feeds the soul!

Opting to stay at Nariel Creek Campground during the festival and some welcomed R&R was much needed as I had been travelling constantly for the past few months. There is something about nature that feeds your soul and replenishes your energy. This gorgeous campground is large and home of the Nariel Folk Music Festival. A small donation of $5 per night! Camping near the creek, listening to the waters bubble over … Continue reading Nariel Creek Campground – Victoria – Feeds the soul!

On the road to Omeo

Taking the road less travelled through the mountains. An 80 odd kms of unsealed road to the small town of Omeo with the small surprises. A wombat who is usually nocturnal was walking along the road, a small group of cows and beautiful farmland. Arriving in Omeo with gorgeous weather, a beautiful sunset and a still waterhole giving mirror images of the sky above.   Continue reading On the road to Omeo