Bugsy has held up over interesting terrain.

It’s been a wonderful journey so far.  I’ve taken thousands of images and written another book. I’ve met incredible people, witnessed amazing sights and experienced the essence of Australia. Some of favourite places has been Tasmania for its colours and containment. The National Parks are world class with plenty of hiking. Lots of free camping in glorious sites too! The Northern Territory epitomises the rawness of what … Continue reading Bugsy has held up over interesting terrain.

Bondi Girl Meets – Australia 2016

To travel, one must see their own country through the eyes of a tourist. I took Australia for granted before I went overseas, then could not wait to get back and see my own country in wonderment. So I began capturing ‘My Country’ in Short Story Picture Boards of places that fill my heart. Yep we have it all in one glorious country! Dorothea Mackellar’s poem … Continue reading Bondi Girl Meets – Australia 2016

‘Moments in Time’ – Travel Images

My intention was to photo journal my travels. People have requested my photos by artists for location shots, book covers by authors, promotional videos, establishments and people I’ve met along the way. I’ve put together a collection of some of my favourite and requested travel images for purchase. Purchase from a select collection of images from my travels. Click here   Available in: Canvas, Framed, Posters, Prints, Acrylic, Metal Greeting … Continue reading ‘Moments in Time’ – Travel Images

Bondi Girl Meets…Ireland 2015

When we visit a place, what we experience and witness depends on where our heads and hearts are. Each of us will see things differently and experience different things. when I revisit, my experiences will be different, no doubt. This is ‘my’ Ireland experience in 2015. Blog Posts Ireland has a sense of mystery, magic and is magnetic. Like many people, you feel drawn or connected to this land. … Continue reading Bondi Girl Meets…Ireland 2015

Bondi Girl Meets…Our Ancestors 2015

Four countries – 34 towns. Having a Drink with our Ancestors…..Just when we thought our journey was finished. (link to blog) Link to Posts: Our great, great grandmother Jane Litherland took us on an incredible journey into the past to ‘meet‘ our ancestors. We travelled through time to 34 towns throughout Ireland – Scotland – England and Germany. Wow!! This was several journeys and stories rolled into one! Expect … Continue reading Bondi Girl Meets…Our Ancestors 2015