Bondi Girl Meets…Ireland 2015

When we visit a place, what we experience and witness depends on where our heads and hearts are. Each of us will see things differently and experience different things. when I revisit, my experiences will be different, no doubt. This is ‘my’ Ireland experience in 2015. Blog Posts Ireland has a sense of mystery, magic and is magnetic. Like many people, you feel drawn or connected to this land. … Continue reading Bondi Girl Meets…Ireland 2015

People of Ireland – Street Photography

Street photography are un manipulated scenes. Photos of random chance encounters in public places. It’s exciting as you never know what scene will present itself at any given moment AND you have to be ready to capture that moment! Some images work – some don’t. Some scenes do not allow you time to adjust your camera settings – actually most of them. Yet the image evokes a story – it’s … Continue reading People of Ireland – Street Photography

Sheep of Ireland…..

I overheard a conversation between an Australian who grew up on a sheep station and an Irish man who also raised sheep. Australian man:  So how many acres do you have back home? Irish man: Eight Australian man: 800 or 8,000 acres? Irish man: Ummm just eight! I had a silent giggle….in Australia we are accustomed to think in big numbers with either travelling or our sheep numbers –  due … Continue reading Sheep of Ireland…..

Dublin in bloom at night – Lush – Colour – Alive

Winter has its own beauty – dark – brisk – detailed. Arriving back in Dublin in July for a the Writers Conference, I had to take a step back to see if it was the same city. Summer had arrived and the city takes full advantage of the warmth to display pots of colour throughout the city. Lush, full vibrant pots and baskets everywhere! I still … Continue reading Dublin in bloom at night – Lush – Colour – Alive

Dublin – a different side to the city.

Photographing at a city at night creates another mood. . I do love some of the touristy stuff in cities, yet I can’t wait to the ‘real’ side – the working side without the glitz and glamour. this is the real stuff that fascinates me. I also love twilight when the city takes on a different look. It’s when the tourists have gone back to the hotels … Continue reading Dublin – a different side to the city.

Irish Whiskey Museum – Dublin – History – Fascinating – Top Notch

OK, so I am not a big drinker – two glasses of wine and I am tipsy. Yet I wanted to learn about Whiskey’s history and a small taste – just so I can say I have! The Whiskey Museum in Dublin came highly recommended. It is a very sharp establishment that holds all the features of whiskey making. You are greeted by old barrels in the … Continue reading Irish Whiskey Museum – Dublin – History – Fascinating – Top Notch