Australian Landscapes

See more Australian Landscape images from my travels… Australia has diverse landscapes. From arid deserts, stunning beaches, lush rainforests, rivers, lakes, snow capped mountains. Uluru, Central Australia Nariel Creek, Victoria Devils Marbles, Northern Territory Cape Tribulation, Far North Queensland Ubirr – Kakadu National Park See more Australian Landscape images from my travels…   Australian Landscapes   Continue reading Australian Landscapes

‘The Nut’ – Stanley

You can spot the town of Stanley for kms away with the imposing flat topped volcanic plug called ‘The Nut’ which sits on the end of the peninsular in Tasmania’s north west. The township was built around this feature, protecting it from weathers of Bass Straight.   Wander around the township and fabulous shops.  Eat some of the famous local fish and chips, visit Highfield … Continue reading ‘The Nut’ – Stanley

Anyone for fresh Crayfish?!

Very early mornings anywhere can give you a surprise – the hope of a magnificent sunrise or something out of the ordinary. Strolling by the harbour in the wee hours, I noticed a small fishing boat just pulling in to tie up.     Being nosey, I wandered over to find CRAYFISH in their hundreds! These men had been out for four days with their pots and came back … Continue reading Anyone for fresh Crayfish?!

Fishers Point Sea Life – Tasmania

This is why it took me four hours instead of the recommended two hours for the Fishers Point walk. I’d sit and watch the scenery or wander the rocks to look at the sea life. The best part about this walk was the absence of noise. Just the sounds of waves, birds, your footsteps and breathing. I was mesmerised by the sounds of the sea shells turning over on the sand by … Continue reading Fishers Point Sea Life – Tasmania

Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

Maria Island is quiet, at times you feel you are the only person on the island. Yet it has a lot to offer. The glorious Painted Cliffs – Rock Pools – Fossil Cliffs – the convict history and wildlife. One day was not quite enough! A relatively quick boat ride, then explore like crazy! I covered a lot of ground on my bicycle, so my camera had … Continue reading Maria Island – Historic – Quiet – Surprises

This sight caused me to stop in a hurry!

Our bushfires case tremendous damage to our landscape- yet there is beauty in its devastation. The blackened charred trees lined this tidal beach just outside of Dunally, Tasmania. The wheat coloured sand formed rippled bands with the azure blue waters, creating a  calm contrast with the dramatic blackened trees – it took my breath away. And Bugsy! Continue reading This sight caused me to stop in a hurry!