Bicheno’s Blow Hole – Exciting – Dramatic – Repectful

Everyone loves the excitement and drama of watching the force of water crashing against rocks or in this case ‘through’ rocks – yep a Blow Hole! It is a never ending display of magnificent shapes and a small element of danger. Mother nature will show you just who is in charge of this world and demands respect! So always keep your distance as she will … Continue reading Bicheno’s Blow Hole – Exciting – Dramatic – Repectful

Friendly Beaches – Intimate -Cosy

The east coast of Tasmania has much to explore, especially around Freycinet National Park! Yet another glorious beach where I camped overnight. Friendly Beaches and Moulting Lagoon are two great free sites to camp for a few days while you explore the National Park. When you arrive at a location, your first impression always depends on the weather and time of day, then the ‘feel’ of the place. Friendly … Continue reading Friendly Beaches – Intimate -Cosy

Moulting Lagoon -Raw – Nature

Moulting Lagoon is a BIG lagoon and sits on the edge of Freycinet National Park filled with wildlife. Black swans, lots of birds (which I don’t know their names), little soldier crabs in the sand…. (you can see I like the little crabs – their cute faces and iridescent colours) and has a magnificent view of the National Park and its granite ‘knuckles’ across the water. … Continue reading Moulting Lagoon -Raw – Nature

Bay of Fires, Tasmania – Vibrant – Distant -Unexpected

I prefer NOT to read much about a place before I arrive as it influences you from another’s perspective and I like surprises! Bay of Fires on Tasmania’s North East coast gave me many surprises. The vibrant orange lichen on the boulders and rocks and the glorious azure blue  waters and soft green hues made me feel I could have been in the Outback or the Whitsundays. Cozy Corner is … Continue reading Bay of Fires, Tasmania – Vibrant – Distant -Unexpected